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Apple Crumble

During my time at Cambridge I have been an avid college rower. One of the main benefits of rowing a lot is eating a lot! Before races or when we need morale boosting, we usually have a crew meal where we all eat together and usually eat way too much. People have been know to have to unbutton their jeans on the cycle ride home.

For a crew meal during the recently passed May Bumps 2007, I made this Apple Crumble Recipe from an Australian recipe blog, Exclusively Food. Because I was making dessert for 9 hungry rowers, I made a triple batch. I made few modifications to the recipe. As they suggest, I substituted brown sugar for the white sugar in the topping. I also used walnuts in the topping instead of pecans or almonds because I didn’t have any. I had to adjust the flour-butter ratio in the topping as well because when I mixed it up it I thought it was way too buttery for a crumble topping.

I managed to cycle into town with two Pyrex baking dishes of crumble in my bike basket and the crumble was enjoyed by all.


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