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Fleur de Sel Brasserie

#2, 2015 4th St SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2S 1W6
(403) 228-9764

Finding a good restaurant is always a treat. Calgary is not the place where one would expect to find a charming and unpretentious little French restaurant, but in fact Fleur de Sel fits that description perfectly. I haven’t been there since my dad and I visited in December 2003, but we bought my brother a gift certificate for his birthday in 2004, and he also thought it was amazing. This is a small restaurant with a clientèle of regulars and is well worth a visit.The staff provided an exceptionally high standard of service along with fine food and wine in a very comfortable atmosphere. Check it out and sit at the counter for something a little unusual in a dining experience. Reservations are advisable and can now be booked via e-mail.


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